AS9110C with ISO 9001:2015
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About Component Repair Management

Component Repair Management, Inc., is a AS9110C, FAA, EASA.145.5316 Approved Repair Station located in Muskegon, Michigan. Our facility employs, in addition to our shop personnel, three FAA Certified Repairmen, an FAA DER, and Certified two Level II NDT Liquid Penetrant inspectors. Our engineering background includes 25 years experience in the manufacture, overhaul, and repair of military, commercial, and land based turbine engine components.

We currently hold DER approved repairs for the 2nd TFE731 HPTV, 3rd TFE731 HPTV, 3rd TEF731 Vane Ring, Spey 1st HPTV, Spey 2nd HPTV, Tay 1st HPTV, and the TAY 650 2nd HPTV. In addition to DER approved processes, we perform a customer approved repair for the GTCP36-100 series turbine nozzle, which includes re-weld, blending, high temperature brazing and blending. We also perform inspection services, repair determinations to meet customer supplied criteria, process evaluations as well as repair process authoring. While we are an approved FAA Repair Station and perform complete overhaul of non-rotating components, we also contract off-load work to customer requirements.

We have a wide range of turbine component blending, polishing, and deburring capabilities, as well as Mil-Spec approved welding for both nickel and cobalt based alloys. Our facility has on-site T.I.G. welding, EDM capability, resistance welding, airfoil blending, FPI and dimensional inspection. We maintain approved outside Fluoride Ion Cleaning, Brazing, Machining, and Coating vendors. We provide airflow capability through outside suppliers.

We are a versatile shop and not committed to any one process allowing us to exercise flexibility in helping you meet both development and production needs. In the event that you have a repair opportunity, our experts stand ready to be of assistance. We are willing to expand our DER approvals to meet your part or process requirements. Our quality of work, commitment to your requirements, coupled with our desire to maintain one of the industry's best turn-times, is our company standard.

Mission Statement

It is the prime objective of the company to maintain and improve our reputation at every opportunity. This will only be achieved by endeavoring to provide products and services which meet the needs and specified requirements of our customers, the first time, every time.

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