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Epoxy Repair Services Utilizing MoPoxy™

Epoxy Repair Services
Epoxy Repair Services Utilizing MoPoxy™
Epoxy Repair(Click image to enlarge)
Epoxy Repair

Epoxy Repair

The experts at Component Repair Management Inc. have been building a solid reputation for top quality engineering services for many years. We have comprehensive epoxy repair services available that cover a variety of materials. Our facility uses aerospace grade high service temperature structural paste epoxy adhesive. Our state-of-the-art ovens offer elevated temperature curing, and our adhesives are oil resistant and compatible with aerospace fluids. In conjunction with our epoxy repair, we also offer cleaning services such as grit blasting, blending, and both light duty and hot alkaline cleaning. We do extensive work with the aerospace industry, and our epoxy repair meets stringent standards set by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Our technicians offer comprehensive testing and inspection using high tech equipment, ensuring that our epoxy repairs are of the highest quality for components that include turbines, oil pumps, fuel pumps, and check valves. We provide repairs in volumes that typically run from 1 to 30 parts, with fast lead times that range from 2 to 4 weeks.

To learn more about our epoxy repair services, please see the information in the table below or contact us directly.

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Epoxy Repair Utilizing MoPoxy™ Capabilities:

Aerospace Grade Epoxy Adhesive
Elevated Temperature Curing
High Service Temperature Structural Paste Adhesive
Curing Method
Cure Rate
1 Hour
Cure Temperature
>200° F
Surface Temperature - Retains Adhesive Properties To:
450° F
100 psi / 6.9 MPa
ASTM D1002
Oil Pump
Adhesive Form
Thixotropic Paste
Pot Life
8 hours (Room Temperature)
Adhesive Features
High Temperature
Compatible with Aerospace Fluids
Oil Resistant
Finish No. 4.1 Grit Blasting
Finish No. 4.2. Hot Alkaline Cleaning
Finish No. 4.3 Solvent Cleaning
Blending Procedures (GE Standard Practices Manual 70-42-00)
Light Duty Alkaline Cleaning (GE Standard Practices Manual 70-32-03)
Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI)
Method 5.3.1 (Visual)
Method (Penetrant)
ASQ-Z1.4 & ASQ – Z1.9
ISO-10012 & ANSI-Z540.3
Spot Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (GE 70-32-03)
Certified Level II NDT Liquid Penetrant
Non Destructive Testing (Mil-HNBK-728/1)
Quality Program
FAA 14 CFR Part 145 Compliance
FAA Form 8130-3 (Airworthiness Approval Tag)
Additional Services
Repair Process Development
Designated Engineering Representative (DER)
Production Volume
1 to 30 parts
Typical Lead Time
2 to 4 weeks

Additional Information

Industry Focus
Intended Applications
Turbine Components
Oil Pump Components
Fuel Pump Components
Check Valve Assemblies
Air Agency Certification
FAA R91R0970 - Federal Aviation Administration
EASA.145.5316 - European Aviation Safety Agency
File Formats
Modeling Capabilities
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