AS9110C with ISO 9001:2015
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  1. Supplier to provide required documentation related to processing of parts including the identification of relevant technical data (e.g., specifications, drawings, process requirements, charts, work instructions)
  2. Supplier required to obtain approval of products and services, methods, processes, equipment and method of release of product and services.
  3. The supplier will ensure the competence of personnel processing parts including required qualification of individuals. Personnel are to be aware of product conformity, product safety and promote ethical behavior
  4. It is the Vendor’s responsibility to:
    1. check the PO for completeness and notify CRM Inc. immediately if any questions arise related to this PO or enclosures.
    2. CRM Inc. suppliers are encouraged to be ISO9000 certified at a minimum. The supplier shall maintain records for a length of two (2) years as required by the FAA. The supplier shall maintain quality system comparable to that utilized by CRM, Inc.
    3. Insure that subcontracting of this order will not take place unless written consent is granted by CRM Inc.
    4. The supplier will inform CRM, Inc. of any nonconforming processes, products or services and obtain approval for their disposition
    5. Prevent the use of unapproved parts/processes
    6. Notify CRM Inc. of changes to processes, products or services, including changes of their external suppliers or location without approval of CRM Inc.
  5. Consent for right of access and/or on-site inspection is granted upon reasonable notice by CRM Inc., our customer, regulatory agents or representative. This inspection shall not be used by you as evidence of effective control or quality by you & verification by us shall not absolve you of the responsibility to provide acceptable product nor shall it preclude subsequent rejection.
  6. The supplier will ensure that personnel processing parts are aware of:
    1. Product conformity
    2. Product safety
    3. importance of ethical behavior.
  7. When preforming calibrations for CRM Inc., you, the supplier, needs to maintain and prove traceability to a national or international standard. All conforming/non-conforming data shall be documented and provided to CRM Inc.
  8. Orders may not be altered without consent of CRM Inc. Any changes must be authorized in writing by the CRM Inc. purchasing group.
  9. Acceptance of this order certifies that all conditions related to Governmental and safety constraints are met.
  10. The supplier will prevent the use of unapproved or suspected counterfeit parts or processes.
  11. The supplier will provide/report product defects and unairworthy conditions to CRM, Inc.
  12. At CRM Inc.’s request, this document shall be returned or destroyed, at any time.
  13. Supplier to maintain product safety while in possession or processing parts.
  14. Supplier will adhere to required delivery documentation package.
  15. This document is property of CRM Inc. and contains proprietary information. This document is provided on the express condition that a) neither it nor the information contained herein shall be disclosed to others without written consent of CRM Inc., and b) the information shall be used by the recipient only as expressly approved by CRM Inc.
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