Our Services
Process Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welding
Resistance Welding
Vacuum Diffusion Brazing
Material Cobalt Super Alloys
Nickel Super Alloys
Welding Operation Free Hand
TIG Welding Standards SAE-AMS-STD-1595
Component Repair Management SOP005
NAVAIR T.O. 2J-1-32, Section IV, Repair
Resistance Welding Standards PWA-15 REV “T", Resistance Tack Welding
GE M50T1 S9, Welding and Allied Processes
Component Repair Management SOP005
NAVAIR T.O. 2J-1-32, Section IV, Repair
Cleaning Hydrogen Fluoride Ion Cleaning (HFIC)
Finish No. 4.1 Grit Blasting
Finish No. 4.2 Hot Alkaline Cleaning
Finish No. 4.3 Solvent Cleaning
Blending Procedures (GE Standard Practices Manual 70-42-00)
Light Duty Alkaline Cleaning (GE Standard Practices Manual 70-32-03)
Finishing Vibratory Deburring
Heat Treatment
Inspection Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI)
Method 5.3.1 (Visual)
Method (Penetrant)
-Z1.4 & ASQ-Z1.9
ISO-10012 & ANSI Z540.3
Spot Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (GE 70-32-03)
Testing Certified II NDT Liquid Penetrant
Non Destructive Testing (Mil-HNBK-728/1)
Quality Program FAA 14 CFR Part 145 Compliance
Documentation FAA Form 8130-3 (Airworthiness Approval Tag)
Additional Services Repair Process Development
Designated Engineering Representative (DER)
Production Volume 1 to 30 parts
Typical Lead Time 2 to 4 weeks


Industry Focus Aerospace
Intended Application Turbine Components
Non-Rotating Vanes
Vane Rings
Related Non-Rotating Assemblies
Air Agency Certification Federal Aviation Administration (FAA R9IR0970)
European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA.145.5316)
File Formats Modeling Capabilities


  • Salvage Repair of a Nickel Alloy Discharge Nozzle Assembly for the Aerospace Industry

    At Component Repair Management, we are proud to provide flexible machine shop services from Muskegon, Michigan. When a customer in the aerospace industry needed salvage repair of a nickel alloy discharge nozzle assembly, we were pleased to take on this project. Using C242 nickel alloy for the frame and C263 nickel alloy for the body, we welded, blended, and brazed the material to perform all the needed repairs, with abrasive blasting to finish the project. When the repair was complete, the ... Learn More

  • Salvage Repair & Overhaul of a Rolls-Royce Spey High Pressure Turbine Nozzle Guide Vane Segment for the Aerospace Industry

    Component Repair Management demonstrated the wide range of repair processes they can call upon to return a part to service. In this example, a customer required the salvage, repair, and overhaul of a Rolls-Royce Spey high pressure turbine nozzle guide vane segment. Common in the aerospace industry, these high pressure turbine vane segments direct the combusted gases into the first stage turbine. Component Repair straightened, welded, and blended the worn and damaged vane segments, in additi... Learn More